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-You must sign up for PK Trips. Even if you cannot attend, signing up as a No at the very least is necessary. If you are having trouble finding the sign ups, message any Full Member or Staff Member, and they will gladly direct you (Note: You will not be able to do this until your application is accepted.)
-Respect is of value. Please treat all clanmates/associates appropriately
-During events you will be expected to do as told. Not abiding by these rules will NOT be tolerated
-Spamming in the IRC channel or site will result in a ban, possibly from the Clan

-While PKing you may not teleport, EVER. There are no exceptions
-You will be expected while not with Royalty to behave appropriately and maturely.
-Refusal to comply with Clan rules will result in an immediate ban

Post The Code Below At The Bottom Of Your Application

[font=Arial Black][color=red]I Have Read The Rules And Will Apply Them To Myself At all Times.[/color][/font]

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