How to Regsiter your Nickname in IRC

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How to Regsiter your Nickname in IRC

Post  Collosal on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:52 am

Come into the IRC (#Royalty) And entered as so...

/nick Desired-Nickname
/ns register Password Password Email Email
Now goto your email, inbox, and read your new email and enter the code into IRC.
/ns confirm (password)

How To (Auto)Identify On (Swift)Irc:

What does Identifying mean?
The answer is simply, when you register an IRC nickname, only you are allowed to use it, it means the nickname is reserved for you, the only way you can use it is toy Identify your nickname by inserting your password.

If you are using Swiftkit: Just enter the name you've registered, enter your password and the channel and you're good to go.

If you need to manually identify, or if you don't use Swiftkit:
/nick Nickname (the nickname you've registered)
/ns id Password (the password you've chosen to use)

How To Group Nicknames on (Swift)Irc:

Start off from the start again by registering a new nickname (top of this topic).
Once you have it registered, Identify on it (see quote above this one).
/ns group target password
Where target is the name you want to group it to and password is the password of target.
You can now use both nicknames with the same password (Password will be password of your main account = Password of target).


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