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iHip Hop ART intro.

Post  iHipHop on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:47 am

What to do When Making Your Introduction.
1.) Talk About Some Of Your Personal Life,What You Do,What You Like,Favorite Sports,Favorite Hobby,Etc.
Hi Im Nick, 17 years old
2.)Talk About Your Runescape Life,How long you've Been Playing,What Your good At On Runescape And Your Favorite Skill.
Playin this game very long time with quiting etc. i started agian liek 1year ago. i had a maxed pure. now i got this account for 2-3months. favorite skill.... Runecrafting.
3.)Talk About What you Dislike Anything Random Keep It Appropiate.
4.) When You're Done Post it, Congratulations You have Introduced Yourself To Royalty.


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