My App. :d

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My App. :d

Post  Josh on Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:40 am

Runescape Name: Now I Rise

Post Your Introduction Here.:
Please Post A Picture Of Your Stats

Please Post A Picture Of Your Net-worth

Please Post A Picture Of Returning Sets F2p/P2p

We use Ventrilo to communicate During wars and Trips,It is Needed For Every Member to Have Ventrilo.If You Do Have It Post A Screenshot Of it. If App Is Accepted Ask A Rank For Info And Help If Needed.( Please download it at )

You Are Needed To Return To Trips/Pkri's So Have Extra Gear In Bank If you Die,Do Not Leave The Trip Just Because You die. I know Wink

You Must Be Active On Forum At Least 5 Post A Week,It Is Very Important That We Are Active So We Can Have A Good And Fun Community.Do You Agree? Sure Do.

Why Do You Want To Join Team Royalty?And Who Recruited You.
I wanna join Team Royalty because first off I know some of the members and you guys are all real chill. I've also watched you guys mini and you're a good, legit team that I want to be a part of and hopefully make a large contribution to by recruiting, being active, sharing things I know, etc. I also want to gain things from the team. Swing, Triggers, and Cow Bub recruited me.

You Must Read The Rules Carefully And Follow Them,And Respect Them there are no Acceptions if you haven't read them Click Here
( )

To Be Accepted You Must Post The Code In The Rules Section At The Bottom Of your App.
I Have Read The Rules And Will Apply Them To Myself At all Times.


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Re: My App. :d

Post  The Cow Bub on Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:47 am

Welcome To Royalty.
The Cow Bub

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